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Welcome to Mount Maunganui RSA

Formed in 1943, the Mount Maunganui RSA has been located conveniently at our current premises on Maunganui Road since 1968. We proudly invite you to share with us our full amenities, which grew from the enthusiasm of a few so many years ago, and the friendly atmosphere of those with a common bond still prevails. The Mount Maunganui RSA offers a full restaurant and cafe, plus plenty of weekly and weekend entertainment. We have several sports and social clubs, a library, monthly newsletters full of event information, a bar, and a courtesy bus.

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Executive Committee



Arthur King

Vice President

Judy Hallinan

Vice President

Derek Williams

Committee Members

Robert Huggins
Greg Baxter
David Corin
Neville Bowen
Barbara Dickinson
Neale Mann



Garry Cooley
Marie Gilpin

A brief history of Mt Maunganui R.S.A

In 1968, the Mount Maunganui RSA moved from Leinster Avenue to New premises on Maunganui Road, which is the current Clubrooms.

An excerpt from a recently found 1968 SOUVENIR PROGRAMME

On March 19th 1943, F. (Taffy) Davies, disabled Gallipoli Veteran, convened a meeting of ex-servicemen, and formed a branch of the Western Bay of Plenty R.S.A.

On May 29th, 1943, an executive was elected, with two objectives: to help returned servicemen and have a club for them.

The following is a brief outline of the Club’s progress from its inception.


Frequent smoko’s were held to build up funds.


Carnival on Ocean Beach, netting £120
1st Annual Meeting was held on April 28th
Street day, yielding £200, was organized by Women’s War Service Auxiliary
Branch applied to N.Z. Patriotic Fund Board for option on a Y.M.C.A. hut from Tauranga Aerodrome.
2nd Carnival showing profit of £100
The first R.S.A. Ball, adding £98 to funds.
Mr L. B. Hart donated section on corner of Maunganui Road and Leinster Avenue.


Mr. C. Banks donated a section, which was raffled and added £300 to funds


Education Department planned to take over said Y.M.C.A. hut
President Bob Boyce and Norm Tuck went to Wellington and interviewed Sir William Parry.
The above two delegates returned to the Capital to see the Prime Minister (Mr. P. Fraser) and bought two buildings for the sum of £801.
Sold one of the buildings for £450. Cost of transporting and erecting the other building was £350.
Received offer to complete lining of walls and a donation of £250 to funds in return for six weeks lease of the hall over the Xmas period for the purpose of running dances.


The Association decided to run cabarets for funds in view of the success of the above.
Ladies night commenced


Club was granted Liquor Charter.


The Club decided to build a permanent Club on the Maunganui Road section.
So an idea put forward by Taffy Davies in 1943 started progress and today the Enthusiasm that was evident from the beginning is still very much to the fore and Promises a very bright future for the Mt. Maunganui R.S.A.

Today we proudly invite you to share with us these amenities, which grew from the enthusiasm of a few, so many years ago, where the friendly atmosphere of those with a common bond still prevails.