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By May 28, 2017September 8th, 2017Latest News



They left their homeland with nary a care

A great new adventure was waiting out there

Little did they know what fate had in store

Their mother’s worst nightmare will come to the fore


25th April 1915, on that fateful day

At Anzac Cove those soldiers went into the fray

The many lives lost while coming ashore

The bloodied waters…not blue anymore


The Turks in the high grounds 

Had made good as they waited

The perils for our boys, already baited

The night sky should have shielded them when coming ashore

But the rising sun put paid to that ploy


The Turkish snipers deeply entrenched

Their troops ready to save their lands so intent

Standing in those trenches, men kneeling to pray          

Too many were to die in the following days


Thousands of men lost their precious lives

Never to return to parents, children, or wives.

They lie here in Turkey, whom they now call their own        

The growing pilgrimages mean they are never alone


The ultimate sacrifice made, we should never forget

Or the ongoing battles that continue still yet

Pray for the souls that go into war

And  hope that one day peace will prevail once more



Diane Thomson

Written at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey

25th April 2016